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Enjoy the full interview of Michael Schiemer and Zig Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Cleveland, Ohio that specializes in social, influencer, mobile, and interactive marketing.

Zig Marketing: We did a bit of research on common issues that small businesses face and many sources pointed to 'hiring qualified employees' as a small business struggle. Small businesses don't always have the funds or benefits to offer to high-qualified employees. Or, unlike large corporations who can hire an employee for one task, it's hard for small businesses to find employees who can take on multiple tasks and are able to handle change, which is common when running a small business. So I have a few quick questions for you:

1. What is the most common issue you help your clients solve? 

I've worked with dozens of companies in a wide variety of roles, but I primarily help businesses maximize their social media marketing and digital media on a budget. Many companies are unsure when it comes to implementing a digital marketing strategy and even more struggle to do so without breaking the bank. That's what I specialize in due to years of working with a minimal or nonexistent budget and having to get resourceful and innovative to survive.

2. Is the topic of quality employee hire a common issue you help your clients solve? 

While human resources isn't my specialty, I have worked with a variety of marketers and agencies. I've been an independent marketer, in house with corporations, part of a marketing agency, and been a small business owner so I have experience on all sides of the equation. There are pros and cons to all of these. I usually offer my opinion to directors when it comes to the value proposed from in-house employees, consultants, agencies, or freelancers. Sometimes it makes more sense to hire a full-time dedicated employee for a marketing role but other times you'll save a lot of money looking elsewhere. 

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3. Mike Schiemer, if a client were to ask you "What are three things I can do as a small business to hire top talent and retain it?" what, in your professional opinion, would you say?

Attracting and retaining top talent is paramount for small businesses. You should always be thinking of what you can offer these (prospective) employees and how you can help each other reach your goals. If I had to list just 3 hings I'd say Growth Opportunities, Job Security, and Workplace / Schedule Flexibility. Other things that certainly come to mind include comprehensive health benefits, profit-sharing / employee stock program, education reimbursement, and job training. But most importantly, listen to your employees (even lower level ones) and take their ideas and suggestions seriously!

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I hope you enjoyed this interview with Zig Marketing regarding issues important to small business management.

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