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6 Professions For Book Lovers: Which Career To Choose

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The passion for reading books has many advantages, and no one needs to be convinced of how positively it affects personal development. Many people wonder what career paths exist for book lovers. 

It would seem that everything related to books is not very profitable today. However, if this topic is particularly close to you, you will undoubtedly find your place in the job market. If as a student you are not sure if you should apply for one of the book-related degrees, then this article would be really useful for you and may help you to define your career path. 

What Professions To Choose 

There are lots of different ways to go when it comes to the best jobs in the book field. Some of these occupations are more challenging while others are calmer. Which career to choose is up to you. So, let’s see what options are there for top jobs. 

1. Librarian 

This is probably the first profession that comes to mind. Librarians, in addition to working with readers, compile catalogs, keep inventories, and from time-to-time conduct reconciliations, which requires time and effort. In addition, they need to know what to look for, how to help, work quickly and efficiently with readers. Often a librarian is a kind of walking encyclopedia. 

Library staff may have higher education. They prepare for the practice of research in the field of library science, often combining them with scientific information. 

You could start working in a book store or as a substitute teacher to help get related experience while a library position opens up. You may need to even volunteer at a town or state library to pay your dues and get the valuable experience or connections needed.

2. Writer 

There is an opinion that a writer is not a profession, but rather a hobby. This may be due to the fact that it is very difficult to make a living just by writing books or other publications. Usually, only bestseller authors have this option. Indeed, success in the publishing market is not easy. However, this does not change the fact that a writer is a profession for book lovers and people who know how to speak. 

Working as a writer requires not only talent, passion, imagination but also the desire to work, improve, learn something new, be able to accept criticism, and work on their shortcomings. It takes time, skill, and discipline to create a really good book. It often requires collecting documentation, studying reality, and gaining relevant knowledge. The so-called "lightness of the pen" alone is not enough. 

Also, you can become an essay writer in the academic field and help students complete their papers. This is also very popular nowadays. 

3. Editor Or Proofreader 

Editors and proofreaders also work with books and texts. Thanks to them, the publications that reach readers are improved in every detail. The proofreader works not only on various errors. He pays attention to the whole text, the author's idea, the idea of ​​the work, checks logical and syntactic errors, everything that can change the essence. He also checks whether the information is true, whether each story has a beginning and an end, whether the names of all the characters match - he just does everything to make the reader understand the text, not feel lost, and read with pleasure. 

4. Book Seller 

Bookstore staff is also in constant contact with books, new literature, and even authors. They need to be aware of the offer of books because customers often expect professional advice when they go to buy books. Therefore, it is much better to work in such a place for a person who reads a lot and is interested in this market. 

Salaries of booksellers are often not high. Although this work is performed by people with different education, students and graduates of philological faculties are welcome here. It is the graduates of these faculties who most often choose professions for book lovers. 

5. Work In A Publishing Agency 

Editors and proofreaders are obviously not the only people who can find work in bookstores. Advertising and marketing specialists are needed here, someone who will be involved in social networks will ensure that potential readers come to this place and buy books published there. You also need a graphic designer, often a photographer. In the case of foreign literature, it is also necessary to hire a translator. The process of creating a book is long, and each stage often requires a different person. 

6. Reviewer 

We need to forget about the typical school description - a few sentences about the content, language assessment, and degree of interest - this is clearly not enough. People who are looking for reviews of a particular work expect more. Reviewers need to know the content of the book perfectly to write a review of it. This requires both practical and theoretical knowledge of literature. Today, the profession of the reviewer is needed in many online publications, journals, blogs, and books. 

Book Lover Careers Conclusion

As you can see, there are many professions for book lovers. If reading and books are your real passion, you should think about these specialties as future jobs.