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4 Jobs You May Find Yourself In Post-Retirement

what job to work after retirement senior citizen career

The census data released by Statistics Canada in 2022 has made it abundantly clear that there are a lot of elderly people living across Canada today. In fact, seniors made up 16.9 per cent of Canada’s population when the data was gathered in 2022 — a larger share than children aged 14 and under. Furthermore, projections by Statistics Canada predict that almost one in four Canadians will be over 65 by the time we reach 2031. 

As many of Canada’s seniors will either be approaching or already be in their retirement, award-winning stair lift manufacturer Acorn Stairlifts is on hand to advise on the jobs available for the elderly. 

Become A Consultant 

If you’ve retired but have advanced degrees or managed to gain specialized experience in your field during your time in employment, you’re in the perfect position to take up a career in consulting. 

Ideal if you loved the career you were in before retirement, being a consultant allows you to make great use of your expertise, network and years of experience. From accounting to bookkeeping, and engineering to website development all skills which can work in your favor as a consultant, it’s also an opportunity that’s available for so many people. 

Get Involved In The Education Sector

Quite ironic in that it allows your life to come full circle, there’s many opportunities to dive back into the world of education as a senior citizen. 

Your services could prove useful to all types of schools, as everywhere from preschools to elementary establishments and private schools are regularly looking to hire people as: 

• Administrative workers 
• Bus drivers & bus monitors 
• Crossing guards 
• Help in the cafeteria 
• Librarians 
• Teacher’s assistants 
• Tutors 

Further along the educational path, you could also think about working as an adjunct professor at a college or university. This role will see you teaching students about your area of expertise. Online programs are available by many higher education establishments now too, which eases the pressure a little by allowing senior citizens to teach from the comfort of their own home. 

Take note as well that roles as department office assistants, librarians, student advisors and tutors may also become available at a college or university, while there’s even the possibility to branch out on your own and teach an ongoing education class at a senior center, a local community college or via an adult education program. 

Become A Sports Coach 

Keeping with the theme of passing on your wisdom to other, why not share you love for a sport by becoming a sports coach to a budding group of athletes? 

As well as giving you some extra cash, coaching is great for senior citizens as it means they can remain active and also provide them with the opportunity to work outdoors. 

Become A Customer Service Representative 

If you know how to use a computer and are good at communicating over the phone or via chat software, then a customer service representative could be just the role you’re looking for in your elderly or retired years

The job itself may see you answering questions related to billing, taking reservations for a company or troubleshooting any issues. What’s more, you’ll spend the majority of your time in the role sitting down — perfect if you have low mobility during retirement. Don’t be surprised if you have the chance to work from home in this role either, making the job even more accessible. 

Work On Your Own Terms

Whichever type of job you select, whether it’s a role we have discussed above or something else that you have in mind, just remember that working after you’ve retired opens the door to you working on your own terms. On top of this, a lot of companies will appreciate the unmatched experience that older workers boast.