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Cuban Link vs Figaro Chains - Comparing The 2 Most Popular Chain Styles

cuban link vs figaro chain jewelry

Chains with a Cuban link design and a Figaro design are two of the most common chains used worldwide in jewelry. You should be aware of the fundamental distinctions between the two chain styles before making a purchase, even though both chain designs are fashionable and draw attention to themselves. There are also a variety of moissanite cuban link chains you should see. 

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In this post, we will explain all the details you need to know to grasp the distinctions between cuban link vs figaro chains, including the differences in their endurance, pricing, and other qualities. 

What Is Going Viral With The Cuban Chain? 

Due to the unique construction of Cuban chains, their cost is significantly more than that of the vast majority of other types of basic chains, such as cable chains. The manufacturing method for Cuban link chains is more complex, contributing to the increased cost of purchasing one. 

The price of a genuine Cuban chain of an average length is approximately one hundred dollars. Depending on the type of metal used, Cuban link necklaces that are longer and thicker can cost up to or even more than $500. Because of the higher cost of semi-recious and precious gemstones and the additional setting expense, Cuban chains that feature diamonds or other semi-precious stones will be significantly more expensive. 

Are Cuban Chains Worth It? 

A Cuban link chain is an excellent option to consider purchasing if you are in the market for durable jewelry. This sort of chain is significantly more resistant to wear and tear than other styles of chain because it has a robust silhouette characterized by thick links. Because of how this piece is constructed, you won't need to be concerned about a kinked chain or broken links (as it is unlikely). If taken care of correctly, a Cuban link chain of good quality can survive for decades. 

However, despite its durability, you must remove your Cuban link necklace before engaging in strenuous sports. Links can still break under exceptionally high-stress conditions, so it is important to take precautions. 

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Cuban Link Chain? 

Due to the unique nature of their construction, Cuban chains tend to be more expensive than other varieties of basic chains. As a direct consequence, the production process for Cuban link chains is more complex, resulting in a higher price. Cuban link chains are also considered premium jewelry products because they have a long lifespan and a contemporary design, and their prices reflect this status. 

The price of a Cuban chain of an average length is approximately one hundred dollars. Depending on the type of metal used, Cuban link necklaces that are longer and thicker can cost up to or even more than $500. Because they are more difficult to create, Cuban chains with diamonds or semi-precious stones will be significantly more expensive than those without. 

What Exactly Is A Figaro Chain? 

Figaro chains have an appearance that is comparable to that of cable or curb chains. They are built the same way, except the pattern has one extended link for every two to four conventional links. A common Figaro pattern often consists of three circular links followed by one long link. Most Figaro chains are curb chains, meaning each link is flat, but a few aren't. 

Some specialized chains have "long links" that are shaped differently, like an enormous heart or a clover. You will see why many businesses refer to this design as "Figaro", even though it doesn't follow the conventional manner of that name. Customers who shop for jewelry typically associate Figaro chains with an extended center link. This is because the extended center link is frequently the component of this chain type that draws the most attention to itself. 

How Long Do Figaro Chains Usually Last? 

In terms of the durability of the chain, both the Figaro link chain and the Cuban link chain are quite strong. On the other hand, Cuban link chains have thicker and heavier links, which makes them less likely to break or become damaged than Figaro link chains. This makes Cuban link chains more durable than Figaro link chains. 

Figaro chains are especially long-lasting since their strong soldered links are difficult to disassemble. Therefore, if you are searching for a robust and long-lasting chain, either variety would be an excellent choice for you to consider. The chain is less likely to become broken or kinked with either option than it would be with the other. 

What Is The Price Of A Figaro Chain? 

There is a degree of flexibility in the price of a Figaro chain since the grade of the components utilized might vary. Nevertheless, depending on the chain's size in terms of its length and breadth, you can anticipate spending anywhere from $100 to $300 for a high-quality Figaro chain. Naturally, the price of an item will increase as you add pavĂ© and precious metals to its construction. 

What Makes Figaros And Cuban Chains Different From One Another? 

There are a few important distinctions that can be made between Cuban link chains and Figaro link chains. 

● In general, the gauge or width of a Figaro chain is significantly less than that of a Cuban link chain. Because of the narrower gauge, they have a more delicate appearance and are less bulky all around. 

● Next, in comparison to Cuban link chains, Figaro chains often have more links packed into each inch of the chain. The increased number of links is one factor that adds to the delicate aspect of these chains. On the other hand, Cuban link chains have a larger gauge and fewer links per inch, giving them a chunkier appearance. This gives them their name. 

● In conclusion, one of the most significant distinctions between these two jewelry chains is how the links are joined. A Figaro chain will often contain links of alternating sizes, but a Cuban chain will have links of a consistent size. Compared to Cuban link chains, Figaro chains have a more graduated appearance due to the different link sizes, while Cuban link chains appear more consistent. 

Chain Comparison Conclusion 

To summarize, cuban link vs figaro chains are both chains known for their strength and longevity. The intricate manufacturing process into Cuban link chains results in a higher price tag for the finished product. The chunkier appearance of Cuban link chains results from the larger gauge and the lower link density per inch. Figaro chains, on the other hand, give the impression of being more delicate than other types of chains since they have a smaller gauge and more links per inch. 

In addition, Figaro chains include links of varying diameters, giving them the appearance of being graduated. It all comes down to personal opinion and how much money you have to spend when deciding between Cuban link chains and Figaro chains. Both sorts will make a fashionable statement, so the necklace jewelry decision is ultimately up to you.